Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Should You Continue Writing

A budding writer wrote: Do you think I should continue writing even though my parents don't want me to continue? They are always telling me that I have no future being a writer.

Yes, definitely continue writing if that's something YOU want to do. What your parents probably want is to make sure you find away to earn steady money so you can support yourself. Writers don't typically make a lot of money at first, so it's good to have a second career that you work while you write. For instance, I make my living as a video editor, editing TV commercials and documentaries. I also coach writers and do brainstorming sessions with them on their books. The novels I've written and published are now bringing in additional money, but I would have starved years ago had I relied solely on my writing to pay the bills. So, you should definitely find another career path that you love that pays you steady paychecks. And, if you really love writing, keep writing, no matter what other people think. My dad didn't understand my desire to be a writer. He didn't see how I could make money at it. But I kept writing because it is my #1 passion. It's my calling. It's why I am here on the planet. So I kept at the writing and now, after much success with selling my books internationally (I just landed my fourth book deal), my dad sees that as a writer you can make good money. Really great money. Eventually. Keep at it. Keep writing for you. It will pay off down the road.

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