Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Consulting for Writers

It's 2013 and time to start achieving your writing and publishing goals. Last year, I had my best year yet as an author, releasing three books (2 novels and 1 non-fiction) and signing 2 new book deals for 2013. Now, I'm ready to help other writers be successful.

For the month of January, I'm offering one-on-one consulting by phone. I help writers at all stages from getting their book written to offering advice on the best ways to publish your book. I bring over 20 years experience writing and editing books. I've had success self-publishing and selling my manuscripts to publishers. I'm also great at brainstorming story ideas and being a sounding board to discuss whatever issues you're trying to overcome. Sometimes hiring a writing coach is just the thing to get you moving in the right direction.

During our phone consultations, you can ask me anything about writing, publishing, and marketing books.

If you are seriously looking to  take your writing or career to the next level,  email me at Brian@BrianMoreland.com.

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