Sunday, August 4, 2013

Book Release Party for THE WITCHING HOUSE and OAK HOLLOW on Facebook

Tuesday, August 6th, my novella The Witching House releases as an e-book for all e-readers.

Join Sarah Donovan and her friends as they explore a boarded-up house hidden deep in the East Texas woods that had once belonged to a coven of witches. 

"Witchcraft, sacrifices, an abandoned house and a thing that has hungered for decades set the stage for this must-read expedition to The Witching House. The best advice anyone could offer a visitor is: Don’t go in the attic, don’t go in the bedrooms, but don’t, under any circumstances, go in the basement. You won’t come out the same...if you come out at all."

John Everson, author of NightWhere and Violet Eyes

"The Witching House represents Brian Moreland at his frantic, bloody best. He takes a clutch of highly-sexed characters and their dark secrets, plunges them into a historical house of horrors, and gleefully throws away the key as all hell breaks loose!"

—Frazer Lee, author of The Lamplighters and The Lucifer Glass

“Moreland’s prose is as strong it’s ever been here, breathing life into memorable characters and assembling a disastrous wall that’s sure to come crumbling down in the pages of The Witching House.

—Matt Molgaard, Horror Novel Reviews


Also, that Tuesday night, at 9 PM Eastern Time, I'll be celebrating at a joint book release party on Facebook with author Kristopher Rufty. His horror novel OAK HOLLOW releases the same day.

Come join us Tuesday night, Aug. 6th at this Facebook link:

Ask us questions, share your thoughts or just hang out with us. I appreciate your support,


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